Get to know the spirit of Patagonia, Träkál

Träkál emerges from the high Chilean Patagonian mountains. Created by Sebastian Gomez, it is reminiscent of the Chilean landscape and an element of identity.

The drink reflects that products with completely local ingredients emerge from Patagonia and are then passed on to the global market.

Ben Long, co-founder of the distillery with Gomez, says that Träkál “is as if gin and brandy had a baby in Patagonia“.

The eau-de-vie contains 42 % by volume of alcohol (84 proof) and is distilled three times. It contains apples and pears from the region, as well as berries, wild herbs and essential oils. Among the herbs is Tepa, an anise-like herb.

Gomez uses a still made of copper and steel from Patagonia to distil. The distiller spent two years to achieve the perfect configuration for Träkál.

The spirit is now available in the United States and is presented as a novelty in mixology for bartenders. Mainly available since 2018 in Colorado, today it can be found in Georgia, California, Arizona, Nevada, New York and Illinois.

Trakal is tasted neat or on the rocks, but it lends itself very well to making cocktails:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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