Glass bottles vs. sunscreen bottles to store vodka?

This idea was put into practice by Florida revelers during the spring break season, the typical U.S. party season.

Why store vodka in sunscreen bottles? The police are well aware of this practice however on the beaches of the United States. Party-goers who want to taste hard liquor on the beach hide the liquid in sunscreen bottles. This way they will not be disturbed by the local authority.

In the United States it is forbidden to taste alcohol on the beach in glass bottles. Only cans are accepted. And although we already know a variety of canned alcohols apart from beer, the partygoers manage this way to drink mainly vodka. But watch out. Police aware of this practice have sent a funny warning on Facebook: “Spring Break Facts: Hiding vodka in a bottle of sunscreen only works if you don’t let a sheriff see you drink it.

These sunscreen bottles are readily available on the Internet on sites like Amazon or Ebay. One of them is the GoPong Sport Bottle Sunscreen. Many users have left positive comments for the ease of transport and conservation offered by these pots.

Be that as it may, do not get caught by the police and above all consume in moderation 😉

Originally in Vice


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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