Innovative cocktail techniques and emphasis on sustainability in San Diego

San Diego participates in the wave of cocktail innovation and to emphasize sustainability thanks to methods and the concern of distilleries and not just craft beer companies.

Tales of The Cocktail publishes this article highlighting the importance of sustainable development in the spirits industry. To contribute to sustainability, distilleries such as You And Yours Distilling Company of New York and 616 Vodka use local ingredients to produce their spirits.

In addition, there are cocktail programs for bars and restaurants (Royale, for example), there are because they were inspired by farms. John Brownwood of Royale and Nopalito Farms – an organic farm – explains: “During the early stages of Royale’s opening, we started thinking about how to incorporate our products into the cocktail program. We had the freshest ingredients possible at our fingertips, so it wasn’t really about whether we should use our own organic fruit, it was about how we should use it.

Chef Layla Javadov says that thanks to one of the best local suppliers they can supply Cafe 21 with the best seasonal ingredients or not, completely organic. “All the fruit is used to develop unique and balanced cocktails.”

Distilleries like You & Yours stand firm in their commitment to sustainability, following a “zero waste” approach in their cocktail programs. Once they run out of blood oranges, “We’ll stop making that gin until next year, no matter what the demand.”

The San Diego cocktail scene is definitely focused on bringing to the forefront a sustainable practice in the production of spirits and cocktails, including food, with some restaurants actively participating in the cause. Another topic that will undoubtedly have an impact during Tales of The Cocktail 2019.


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