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Glenfiddich and Rlon Wang together for a special Chinese New Year edition

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Glenfiddich whisky is celebrating the Chinese New Year with an 21-year-old edition designed by illustrator Rlon Wang (Rlonart).

The Scotch whisky brand, owned by William Grant & Sons, has reissued its partnership with Wang, who last year produced an illustrated package with the same motif.

The design of the box containing Glenfiddich’s new 21 year old single malt whisky has been created by Shenzhen artist Rlon Wang. It celebrates the Lunar New Year and the gift-giving season. It is now available at select liquor stores and duty free shops all over the world.

Artist Rlon Wang (@rlonart) is known for creating designs rich in color and high visual impact.


A tribute to the Royal Stag and Charles Gordon

With this design Glenfiddich pays homage to the iconic royal stag that appears on every bottle of Glenfiddich. In Wang’s illustration of the stag we see its twelve antlers affirming its “royal” classification.

In addition, the image of the stag is reminiscent of an oil painting called The Monarch of the Glen. It is a tribute to the epic journey undertaken by Charles Gordon in 1909, son-in-law of Glenfiddich founder William Grant. Gordon succeeded in introducing the Royal Stag whisky to several Asian markets.

We also see on the packaging the river surrounding the royal stag. It goes back to the Glenfiddich distillery, identified by its granite buildings and copper stills. The landscape surrounding the moose represents, with characteristic elements, a mixture of landscapes from modern Asia and Scotland. It is a way of evoking the long-standing connection the two cultures maintain.

Ed Cottrell, General Manager, Travel Retail for Glenfiddich highlighted that Glenfiddich is very excited about this collaboration with artist Rlon Wang.


The Glenfiddich 21 years Gran Reserva

A whisky matured in casks that once contained rum from the Caribbean. For four months, the whisky rests in Gran Reserva casks chosen by Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Cellar Master.

Very distinctive aromas and flavors, amazing finish.

Color: Dark gold

Nose: Intense, sweet and floral with a hint of banana, fig, caramel, new leather and oak.

Palate: Initially soft, then lively and bright, with a touch of pepper and smoke as well as lime aromas and spicy ginger notes.

Finish: Long, warm and spicy.


About Rlon Wang

Born in Tianshui, Gansu in 1985, Rlon Wang (王荣亮), graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Tianshui Normal University majoring in Chinese painting.

Wang draws inspiration from his personal memories during family Lunar New Year celebrations. Wang also draws on the symbolic significance of the deer in Chinese folktales, where the animal often represents long life and good fortune.

He describes his style of work as having great visual impact, based on the richness of colors.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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