A pop-up bar about the Fyre festival will open in Chicago

The controversial festival that never took place resurrects as a pop-up theme bar next May, with grilled cheese sandwich and a tribute band to Blink-182!

The Chicago Tribune announced the opening of the pop-up theme bar Fyre Festival. It will be located in the bar/arcade Replay, and there you can taste Tiki cocktails, watch documentaries about the failed festival, enjoy a fire, cabins, palms and even tents in the style that the festival offered.

Cocktails at the bar will be named after the famous Fyre organizers, singer Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. For example, Ja’s Bahama Mama, Pineapple Upside Down Martini, Frozen Rum Runner and Evian water. In addition, grilled cheese sandwiches to complement the gourmet side.

Fyre Festival: The Pop-up will be held at Replay in Lincoln Park, in the heart of Chicago, from May 3-19 and admission is completely free. It does, however, count $20 per ticket if you don’t attend the opening night, and this ticket includes a cocktail bowl.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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