Grainwave, the cannabis beer by the creators of Blue Moon

The growing legalization of cannabis carries producers of all kinds of foodstuffs, beer is one of them. Grainwave, is the new cannabis beer by the creators of Blue Moon.

It is the age of cannabis, more than ever. Some say that at some point this substance will be legalized throughout the world. But while laws are being studied for months and years, some sectors in countries like the United States see possibilities to innovate in groceries. Recently we saw as big breweries like Lagunitas, the subsidiary of Heineken introduce Hi-Fi Hops, the non-alcoholic drink infused with THC.

In December, the industry sees the birth of Ceria.Inc. a cannabis company. Keith Villa, founder of Blue Moon, is at the origin of this creation. Fans of the American white ale IPA Belgian style will enjoy an alternative to it with Grainwave, the first beer by Keith Villa, without alcohol infused with THC.

Grainwave, the cannabis beer by the creators of Blue Moon

But, is there a real opportunity in the beer market with cannabis?

So far, the sale of Grainwave is only allowed in Colorado in cannabis dispensaries and consumption within the home. However, cannabis specialists such as Stephanie Wilson, editor-in-chief of the famous Sensi Magazine believes that there is a real opportunity in this market: “There is a strong artisanal beer market and many people with real knowledge of beer. So I think there’s a market for it, it’s new and innovative.

Keith Villa believes that one day cannabis beer will be a better alternative to smoking the substance, with similar effects but more lucid and the difference in drinking instead of smoking. “A beer is more socially acceptable than smoking. With beer you can even toast! Let’s be clear, although there are cannabis gummies, you can’t toast with it at a wedding, right?

Grainwave has precise doses of 5 mg of fast-acting THC with onset similar to that of alcohol.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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