The emoji shortcut bar on Instagram is here to make your social media life more simple

Technology continues to makes things easier and faster for us, even when it comes to social media. Forget about having to search emojis among their different categories. This is now something of the past.

After limited tastings since May, Instagram has come up with this ideas, now a reality, that one can use to comment on other people’s posts, an automated emoji shortcut bar.

With the goal to enhance user’s experience, the latest update has selected the most used (most generic) emojis to enable them on a shortcut bar that will appear while using the mobile app, making them a lot easier to find.

However, the emoji bar will not show up for stories use, neither while trying to create our own posts. More generally, the emoji bar will not show up for the use of onscreen keyboard.

This decision was mainly taken after Instagram data revealed emojis’ usage patterns, concluding that emojis are mostly use for comments, and therefore there was a real necessity for the upgrade on this specific section. The study has been made with a machine learning that recognizes long-term emoji trends.

The social media giant is sure the update will create a more natural and easier interaction for all its loyal Instagram fans. But we hope we can still continue cheering our texts with cocktail, martini, wine and beer emojis!


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