France. A very unique spiral decanter ideally conceived for young wines under five years old

This spiral glass decanter has the ability to oxygenate the wine in a delicate way while sculpting the reflections of its colour. Made of hand-blown glass and made by French craftsmen, it is primarily recommended for young wines under five years old (both white and red).

Each unique piece is made of high quality glass (lead-free) and has a spiral fabric cone (made from cotton and polyester) as a cap. The latter, placed in the hollow of the neck, protects the wine from dust while allowing it to breathe.

The said decanter, which can hold up to 1.5L, will therefore allow you to aerate your wine with elegance. Only one obligation, it will have to be cleaned by hand. In order to preserve the glass and avoid scratching risks, it is preferable to use a large brush that you can find on the site dedicated to oenology “l’Atelier du vin“.



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