La Part des Anges: Charles Braastad presents the Delamain cognac decanter

Charles Braastad is the director of the Maison Delamain, creators of exceptional cognac and, like other prestigious creators, have joined the exceptional auction La Part des Anges to be held next September 20th.

An exclusive cognac from a 1968 bottle, a cognac that spent 50 years in a vintage cellar. The brandy is allowed to age for a period of time to obtain the most from the wood, while retaining its essential soul and developing its essential characteristics, from all that the double distilled Grand Champagne wine has to offer.

The hardest part is choosing the container to bottle. Delamain chose a decanter, the latest in a limited edition format of 500 copies of the Le voyage de Delamain, which was released a few years ago with Baccarat. It has a roundness that designs a smile, and a touch of modernity brought by the engraving on the bottle. The contribution is the result of an excellent cognac contained in a beautiful decanter, with a fabulous engraving.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.