Guinness Cameroon invests 3 million in sorghum for one year

Within the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the brewery in Cameroon, the company advances the purchase of a year of sorghum investing 3 million euros.

Each year Guinness Cameroon buys sorghum for 2.5 billion FCFA, equivalent to about 3 million euros, from 4,500 producers. These producers are grouped in large cooperatives such as Cropsec and Sococcen.

Both cooperatives collect, clean and package the sorghum produced by approximately 4 620 member growers, from four large cooperatives in the northern and far northern regions.

Together with these sorghum growers, Diageo has created canvases for its supply chain. Mariam Haman Adama, coordinator of the Regional Council of Peasant Organizations of Northern Cameroon (Cropsec) said in an interview: “Every year this brewing company creates an order ranging from 250 tons to 400 tons of sorghum, from white to yellow varieties to our cooperative. Today, the company uses around 12,000 tonnes of sorghum per year in its production process”.

The partnership between sorghum producers in the northern and far northern regions and Guinness Cameroon has facilitated the establishment of a sorghum storage and hulling unit in the north of the country. The unit was inaugurated on 10 January in the northern region and received CFAF 633 million in funding.

Among other things, Diageo contributes to the lives of citizens through the “Growing up with Diageo” programme, thanks to the sorghum supply chain project. To date, some 6,000 people earn their living directly or indirectly in the country.


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