Japan. Heavy rains break records and interrupt production of spirits for Dassai Sake from Asahi

Approximately 100 people have died after heavy and record-breaking rains caused severe flooding in western Japan. Various businesses have also been affected and some such as Asahi’s Dassai sake from Asahi Shuzo Co. have interrupted production.

Okayama Prefecture and Shikoku Island were severely affected by the flood that caused the death of at least 100 people. In addition, continuous water and power outages and flooding occurred. So far, the emergency services have managed to manage the situation.

For their part, spirits companies such as Dassai Sake from Asahi have stopped production due to flooding and power outages, and the resumption of their activities has yet to be confirmed. Damage is estimated at around $13.5 million. The distillery and brewery located in Iwakuni also reported on their website that their employees were not harmed.


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