How about an Italian gin?

Gins are back in fashion and are increasingly present in bars and among people who love spirits. This is the least we can say when we realize that new gins, produced all over the world, are constantly multiplying.

Italy is one of the countries that imprint alcohol production. The classic grappa, this grape marc brandy known for its quality, is an example of this.

Luxardo, the Italian producer of bitterness and wine, brings her creativity and talent to the gin landscape. She has succeeded in creating a most appreciable creation based on 9 different plants including juniper, cardamom, liquorice, cinnamon and coriander. In addition, notes of roots, pine and spices give this gin its uniqueness and make you travel through a rich floral universe. On the palate, this Italian eau-de-vie is very round with a good length.

Luxardo’s gin is also very suitable for cocktails. In fact, several bartenders have already tried it and their customers have gladly satisfied their palate with it.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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