How to modernize an old-fashioned cocktail with dark rum and mezcal?

You inherited an old recipe to make your cocktail. You now want to add a touch of modernity to make it more fun. It’s easy if you have what it takes. You’re going to need rum and mezcal and that’s it. Follow us and discover here how to have a cocktail worthy of that made by a professional.

Brandy and ethylic heritage of Mexico, the mezcal allows to have a flavor of earth and smoke in your cocktail. This gives him the much required sensation of natural drink. As for the brown rum, it brings some spice and therefore punch to your cocktail. And to add a personal touch, try to add to it a liquor of your choice and that is it!
Once all the ingredients are combined and put in a shaker, you will get a drink that will be welcome in the moments of great coolness. Serve it in a glass and do not forget to decorate it with a pretty umbrella and with one orange zest. Good tasting to you.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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