How to survive a whisky show ?

You want to taste all the whiskies, yes, but be careful, you may stagger out.

Think of the spittoons ! If you spit, at least occasionally, you will increase the amount you can taste and you will be more likely to stay upright in the long term. Look to brands you’ve never heard of as young distilleries.

Be aware that shows around the world are getting bigger and bigger and more elaborate, and as a result, they are becoming more and more diverse. Most of the events offer chocolate, cold cuts, barbecue, cheese and all kinds of other edible products to associate with the main attraction or simply to soak up this delicious spirit. Some organisers are even diversifying into other categories of spirit to encourage visitors to deepen their understanding of spirits and discover new flavours: the London Whiskey Show and Whiskey Live Paris have introduced rum as a guest category, while the London Whiskey Weekender is introducing a Gin Lounge this year.

Discuss from stand to stand, make friends and even get advice from exhibitors. You may also hear about extras: special tastings, special gifts and even afternoons.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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