The success of microdistilleries in Canada

In Alberta, Canada, about twenty microdistilleries have been created since 2013. While this type of distillery used to be rare, they are now very successful.

But then we can ask ourselves: what happened in 2013? Here is the answer: the government of Alberta has abolished the minimum production quota imposed on distilleries. Therefore, this has encouraged the artisanal production of spirits in this part of the country.

What characterizes this type of distillery is their commitment to favor human beings, not machines, and to share their profit fairly with their employees. They mainly employ local residents and cultivate a family spirit.

On the other hand, they have to face a limited return, due to a production on a human scale. However, according to Geoff Stewart, owner of the Rig Hand distillery, if this production method is not the most profitable, it has the advantage of being more sustainable.

One might think that it is difficult for these microdistilleries to compete with large companies, but their artisanal nature attracts a very specific clientele. Indeed, their customers choose them for their love of local flavors and for the philosophy behind this production model. That’s why they don’t hesitate to pay about 20 extra dollars for a bottle of alcohol.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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