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In Paris, bars and restaurants can now expand or create their own terrace

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Following the reopening of bars and restaurants in Paris, the city is now authorizing until 30 September to invest part of the public space to resume their activity.

On June 2, bars and restaurants throughout the country were able to reopen their doors to customers. However, in Paris, which has been declared an Orange Zone, only restaurants and bars with terraces are allowed to resume their activity.

That is why the City of Paris has announced that until September 30, bars, cafés and restaurants can install new terraces. A declaratory system for the installation of new terraces is being put in place.


In order to benefit from part of the public space, establishments must comply with certain rules.

  • *In order to ensure public peace and quiet, these temporary spaces can be used from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.
  • *The terraces must have as little visual impact as possible. They can be furnished with tables, chairs and parasols, but no fixed devices. The furniture must be discreet and homogeneous to blend harmoniously into the urban landscape.
  • *Finally, the establishments must above all be equipped with hydro-alcoholic gel, masks and gloves and respect physical distance.

Usually subject to authorization, these temporary extensions are exceptionally registered free of charge. They are valid up to and including 30 September 2020. A form is available on the City of Paris website and set up to make the request.

Businesses will also be able to apply for “temporary street pedestrianisation”. That is to say, to ease traffic in streets with terraces and to free up traffic space for pedestrians. It is not a question of extending terraces on the roadway, which must be left free of at least one lane for the passage of emergency vehicles (except in very special cases).

In order for this request for pedestrianisation to be processed, it must be addressed by a shopkeeper, a group of shopkeepers or a shopkeepers’ association to For more information, read the article.


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