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Incredible discovery of a hammam in Seville bar

Would you like to have a cocktail in a unique place? Some renovations made it possible to discover this 12th century hammam in a bar in Seville.

It is in perfect conditions. This 12th century hammam is back from the past after some works were carried out in the Giralda bar in Seville. If you fancy a cocktail in the southern Spanish city, you can do so surrounded by historic paintings and ornaments.

In the shape of a star, the skylight appeared as soon as the first hammering was done. The unique discovery was unexpected even for the archaeologist Álvaro Jiménez. The architect was commissioned for the work because of the proximity of the bar to the cathedral of Seville. In fact, it is a protected area.

As the work progressed, 87 other skylights, stars, octagons appeared in a starry sky in the bar. The workers discovered many paintings in the 202-square-meter premises and a hammam with a cold, a hot and a warm room.


More than 800 years of history

The thermal baths are more than 800 years old and the paintings and decorations were perpetuated over time thanks to Vicente Traver, an architect who in 1928 disguised the skylights and decorations when he was building two additional floors on the site.

Seville was one of the two capitals of the Almohad empire in 1147, along with Morocco.

The Cathedral of Seville was built on the remains of the Almohad Aljama Mosque, built between 1172 and 1198. These baths are located right in that area of the city that the Almohads made monumental and turned into their political, religious and economic center,” said Alvaro Jimenez.

The Giralda tapas bar, which should soon reopen its doors, has become a living museum. Completely rebuilt in a refined style, it highlights the history of the place and where customers can refresh themselves, just as they did eight centuries ago. Unusual!

Giralda Bar

Calle Mateos Gago, 1, 41004 Seville, Spain


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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