Kylie Jenner’s $900 million empire wants to include spirits too

The young multimillionaire wants to build another empire, this time in alcohol, after rumors that he registered a trademark in this medium.

For young businesswoman Kylie Jenner, her makeup world mogul worth $900 million might expand into spirits too. Jenner registered a trademark in the alcohol domain. It is speculated to include spirits, liqueurs, wine and prepared wine cocktails, cocktail mixes and prepared cocktails. Thus reported The Cut via TMZ.

In addition, it registered trademarks for non-alcoholic beverages. These include cocktail blends, soft drinks and bottled water. It also intends to launch into the world of catering, as the brand register also includes restaurants, bars and cocktail lounges.

Kylie Jenner’s conquest establishes boundaries between his sister who is known for not tasting the slightest bit of alcohol. Now 21, Jenner is interested in the business that many artists undertake.

Kylie’s empire ranges from makeup brands to personal care. In addition, she recently also registered trademarks for household items and lingerie.


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