Lebanon produces a new 100% local vodka brand

Lebanon produces a new 100% local vodka brand

We heard about the first 100% local vodka brand in Lebanon, Secreterre is a craf Lebanese spirit, pot distilled vodka made from 100% pure grain.

The recent launch of this vodka takes place under the Colonel distillery in Lebanon’s oldest city, Batroun. Colonel is mainly a microbrewery and gin distiller. They are currently working on the distillation of Secreterre vodka, with 100% Lebanese ingredients and flavour, with a production method identical to that of gin. In the distillery they have the capacity to produce 500 bottles a day.

Founded by Jamil Haddad, Secreterre is inspired for its name by a large rock located in Colonel, one of the most famous places for surfing in Batroun. This rock is called Secreterre, and is synonymous with the respect and threat it represents for surfers. At the same time it is a blessing and a curse, a source of emotion and joy.

Currently vodka is distributed in Lebanon in bars and restaurants, but Mr. Haddad is looking for collaboration with a distribution company to market his 100% Lebanese vodka product.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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