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Low-alcohol spirits gaining ground in Quebec with Menaud

Photo: Menaud

In Canada, the Menaud brand launches two liqueurs with 25% alcohol by volume, gaining ground in the low-alcohol market.

Menaud’s Rhubarbe and Le Camerise liqueurs, a Canadian liqueur brand, have arrived to conquer the low-alcohol market. The Quebec distillery offers these two liqueurs, the first one based on craf vodka and the second one based on gin. Both base spirits, vodka and gin, are made at the distillery.

On the Rhubarbe side, we find a vodka-based liqueur macerated with rhubarb and baby ginger. As for Camerise, it is composed of honeysuckle fruit (or Japanese berry) macerated in gin. A product reminiscent of Sloe Gin, a British sloe-based liqueur.

All of Menaud’s Distillery ingredients are almost exclusively from Quebec.

The liqueurs work very well for a neat tasting, on the rocks, but they also adapt to mixology. Thus, they offer the possibility of preparing low ABV cocktails, replacing hard liquors and syrups. A way to join the current growing trend of low alcohol consumption, which is gaining ground among consumers.

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