Look how this sake draws a cherry tree on a cup

This precious innovation brings a hint of color during covid-19 times. By adding sake to the Reikan Zakura cup a cherry tree is drawn!

Is it a magic sake? No! It’s a magic cup, called Reikan Zakura, created by ceramic tableware maker Marumo Takagi Toki.

The cup has been a total success, especially after the population was confined by covid-19. And as a result, the beautiful Japanese cherry trees were no longer seen.

When we add sake to the cup, the cherry blossoms appear as a dye that changes with temperature. There is no need to use cold sake. That is, if the temperature of any drink is at least 17 degrees, the tree will blossom!

“I hope customers will find comfort as they watch the blossom in a cup in their hands.” Says Masaharu Takagi, the president of Marumo Takagi Toki.

When the government called for confinement, the popularity of these cups increased.

Now the product has been sold out and the people who bought it seem to be very happy. “I was able to enjoy watching the bloom from home,” says one buyer. Another customer said, “I gave the cups as a gift to a friend from abroad who couldn’t come to Japan.

Watch the video to see how it works!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.