Macy Valentine: a drink for a bartender

“The drink is a conglomerate of spicy, bitter, sweet, sweet, thick, bitter and refreshing things,” says bartender Justin McDuffie as he begins to make Macy Valentine, one of the many cocktails on Bad Harriet’s menu.

Bad Harriet is the new home of the Jerome Hotel ! Located in the basement of the former Aspen Times building, it owes its name to Harriet Wheeler, the wife of the hotel’s original owner: Jerome B. Wheeler.

“It’s bitter but balanced” said Jessie Kneitel, bar manager.” We recommend it to many people who come after dinner and think: I am so full” because it is an excellent digestive !

The “joker” of this drink is the homemade soda. “Basically, I harvested a bunch of sage on a hike and made it into tea… and I just put a little agave and gelatin in it, as well as a little rosemary,” McDuffie says about his creation. This “soda”, which adds lightness to a drink filled with winter flavours, is the final touch that creates a foam on top, so that the soak gives off a pleasant whiff of sage.

This cocktail according to McDuffie, who has 15 years of experience in the bartender sector, is “a classic bartender cocktail”.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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