Maison Ecusson cider-based sherbet 100% made in France

The French cider brand Maison Ecusson now has a 100% French cider-based sherbet line on the market. A refreshing gastronomic creation designed for the summer, conceived by the blogger Griottes.

The pairing of alcohol with ice cream is a trend that has spread mainly with liquors such as wine, to give life to flavors such as the classic zabaglione based on Italian wine Marsala or the already known beer ice cream. Maison Ecusson has therefore decided to continue the trend by creating sherbet with cider, produced with different ranges of its products.

Among its flavors are Esquimau Cidre Pêche, of Pêche Ecusson cider with hints of lavender honey, yellow lemon and lots of peach. The interesting combination of rhubarb and cherry cider, and finally mandarin and pear with a note of vanilla.

We share with you the Framboisine Givréé, made with Rosé Ecusson cider, a mixture of raspberries, lemon and verbena.

Maison Ecusson cider-based sherbet 100% made in France

Photo: Maison Ecusson

1 Kg of raspberries
1 yellow lemon
200 g sugar
20 cl Rosé Écusson cider
A handful of verbena leaves
1 egg white

1 Fill a saucepan with raspberries and verbena.
2 Add sugar and lemon juice.
3 Mix and cook over medium heat.
4 After ten minutes, add the Rosé Ecusson Cider, stir and add the egg white.
5 Place it in a sherbet drawer until the ice is firm. Keep it in the cooler.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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