Marketing Campaigns #6: Four Pillars gin and its G&T

Moving forward in spirit marketing campaigns, we present Four Pillars gin and its four short films on G&T (gin and tonic).

Many people think about the creativity of the Four Pillars shorts, because of their colors, their cinematographic direction and the music. Some associate it with Wes Anderson’s style. The brand wanted to show its lighthouse cocktail, gin and tonic, through its methods and ingredients.

Co-founder and brand director Matt Jones says of the campaign: “It’s the time of year to keep things easy and get a few perfect G&Ts, made with our Rare Dry Gin, great tonic and a big wedge of fresh orange“. And of course, ice! That we see in the video to appear in a great way.

There’s no doubt it’s a visually creative campaign that will delight fans of good classic Gin and Tonic.

Four Pillars is a small distillery of Australian origin established in 2013 founded by Matt Jones, Stuart Gregor and Cameron Mackenzie,  and is distinguished by its craft distillation process. Their four pillars are water, stills, ingredients and people.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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