Meet Bad Birdy: cocktail instagrammer🍸

This week we wanted to share with you one of our favorite bartender accounts ! Most of you must know her, but if not meet @bad_birdy.

We at Spirits Hunters not only love but also admire her work, from the beautiful photos, watching her videos and we love as well following her recipes to recreate and try out her cocktails.

We as followers are captivated by her passion, creativity, entrepreneurship and her dedication.

We had the honor of interviewing her and would love to share some insight into her mind through two questions.


Why did you started this Instagram account?

I started my IG page as a portfolio to showcase the cocktails I was creating early on at the start of my bartending career. I was making a Farmers Market Cocktail every week for the bar and I was using IG as a marketing tool to get people to come visit me and the team.

Fast forward, I never thought I would be here receiving so much support from so many people around the world. I feel truly blessed and honored for the amount love I receive.

What is the philosophy of your IG page?

My page is a place for inspiration, positivity and creativity. I want my page to be a haven for someone to visit and forget about the outside the world. My followers really are a community of loving and caring people. They have embraced me for all I am inside and out. Especially in a world that may not accept all the things I stand for but, that is okay. I will continue to shine my light and inspire!


Thank you! BAD BIRDY!

You can follow her amazing account on @bad_birdy

Don’t drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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