Meet the champagne bar in the heights of New York

The Edge Hudson Yards Tower is profiled as the tallest exterior tower with a view in the Western Hemisphere, and with a champagne bar!

Next year, more precisely on March 11, the incredible construction opens its doors and with it, a sophisticated bar.

The Hudson Yards will premiere the “Edge” platform at a height of 344 meters. This place of observation and contemplation is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. Its triangular shape extends 24 meters to the south and east from the 100th floor.

Reaching the platform will take you through shops and restaurants that will lead you to a tunnel and finally to an elevator. To reach your destination, 60 seconds aboard this elevator will suffice. You will reach the platform for views of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and other historical landmarks of the city.


The Bar

Such a sophisticated place deserves a sophisticated bar. So a champagne bar opens up inside the building on the 100th floor. Here, you can have a glass of champagne or enjoy a cocktail prepared by expert mixologists while enjoying 360 degree views.

Above, on the 101st floor, a 900-square-meter space will be available for eating, or for creating parties. This huge place consists of a restaurant, cafeteria and space for events. Called Peak, it was conceived by the London group Rhubarb.

For the inauguration of the tower you can buy your tickets online.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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