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Sacred and hidden bars

 Sacred and hidden bars where contemplation blends with divine cocktails

These bars, where an atmosphere conducive to mindful tasting reigns, are increasingly popping up around the globe, taking over old churches, chapels, or convents to offer a sanctuary to cocktail enthusiasts in search of a unique experience. The atmosphere is imbued with a certain spirituality. These reimagined holy places invite us to savor our drinks with a spiritual depth, where the glass becomes the chalice of the soul and where each sip seems to elevate our spirits to higher spheres. A sacred experience to be lived in front of a spirit.


bars sacrés

MONASTIC offers a unique experience (France)
The Monastic, a remarkable speakeasy, finds refuge in a restored old chapel. The place, desacralized by the Company of the priests of Saint-Sulpice, offers a unique experience. The Chapel of Solitude, neo-Gothic, has been carefully renovated, preserving its authenticity. With over 400 rums from 35 destinations, Monastic delights spirit enthusiasts. Renowned brands such as La Favorite from Martinique or Chamarel from Mauritius are in the spotlight.
Domaine de la Reine Margot 3 cour de la Reine Margot 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

bars sacrés

bars sacrés

August, a cloister redesigned by a great architect Antwerp (Belgium)
This former Augustinian cloister has become a hotel designed by the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, in the heart of Groen Kwartier, Antwerp’s Art Nouveau district. The bar is located in a former chapel, superbly renovated with contemporary touches, where the peaceful atmosphere is fully felt.
Jules Bordetstraat 5, 2018 Antwerpen


bars sacrés

On the other hand, the 400 Rabbits bar in Nottingham became a church during the pandemic (England)
In an unexpected turn, Nottingham’s only tequila bar, 400 Rabbits, made headlines by seeking to be recognized as a place of worship during the pandemic. With a whimsical nod to the Mezcal Rabbit as their deity, the bar aimed to offer a refuge to Mezcal enthusiasts despite Covid-related restrictions. Despite this unconventional transformation, 400 Rabbits remains a lively destination, offering a range of agave-inspired cocktails in a vibrant Mexican setting since its creation in 2015.
15-16 Hurts Yard, Nottingham NG1 6JD, United Kingdom

bars sacrés

The Church where the Bar reigns, Dublin (Ireland)
This restaurant, set in a 17th-century church, oozes charm as soon as you walk through its doors. Its majestic bar sits at the center of the nave, offering a unique setting to enjoy a cocktail or a meal. You can savor your lunch in the dimly lit ambience of the stained glass windows, then take part in a guided tour that will even lead you to the funerary crypt, where a former judge rests who will judge you not.
Jervis St, North City, Dublin

Bars sacrés

The new techno club HAVEN, in a former church (Paris)
Promises an unforgettable nocturnal experience. Under the direction of RAW, the famous techno label, this mysterious place opens its doors to 500 nightlife enthusiasts eager for discoveries. The enchanting atmosphere is guaranteed by captivating DJ sets and talented residents who merge music and spirituality. The exquisite cocktails add a touch of refinement to this immersive experience for night owls. HAVEN thus offers a sanctuary to lose oneself in the vibrations of music while celebrating the history and magic of this reinvented religious building.

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