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Rum lovers can explore a Rum Route in Guyana

Soon we will be able to explore the Route of Rum in Guyana, thanks to an official route.

For the first time we will be able to explore trails and roads that join the Route of Rum. A route created by the Guyana Tourism Authority and the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The Guyana Rum Route allows us to explore 200 kilometers of journey along the vibrant coast. Combining past and present, the route offers a sensory experience of the role of rum and sugarcane in Guyana’s economy and its mark on the landscape and people. Explained Brian Mullis, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority.

This country is the first in the Caribbean to establish a heritage route that promotes product development at the regional level. The official Guyana Rum Route is part of the regional Heritage Routes program of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, CTO.

To discover Guyana’s route, three areas are covered individually as tours. Whether it is a day or night tour, or a combination of several days.

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