Michael Jordan ventures into premium tequila

The former basketball player Chicago Red Bulls ventures into the premium tequila market with the Cincoro brand. Jordan, along with other NBA professionals, unveiled the brand on September 16.

Jordan, along with other NBA professionals, Jeanie Bus (owner of the Lakers), Wes Edens (Bucks), Wyc Grousbeck (Celtics) worked together to produce a high quality tequila called Cincoro. The idea came from the intention to create a tequila with a long, smooth finish, like cognac.

Cincoro focuses on creating something new and on the desire of its creators to invent something that is not on the market. An invention that fits well in the American market that consumes more tequila than any other country. Last year, 18.3 million boxes were sold, equivalent to 56% of world consumption. For its part, the premium tequila market also enjoys rapid growth. This increased by 19% each year since 2008.

Prices for Cincoro are $70 for Blanco, $90 for Reposado, $130 for Añejo and $1600 for Extra Añejo.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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