More than 53% of gin consumers in the UK prefer to mix it with lemonade

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According to data collected by a Scottish gin brand, drinkers are looking for alternatives to the tonic for mixing cocktails.

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Brands like Boë Gin are preparing to launch a gin that mixes better with lemonade instead of the classic tonic. After a market study, it was found that consumers prefer other drinks to mix. In fact, in the United Kingdom, 53% of gin drinkers aged 18 to 34 prefer lemonade. On the other hand, a quarter of the consumers prefer the tonic.

However, the tonic is still more popular in the region of Scotland. Almost three fifths of the drinkers (59 %) remain faithful to the tonic. While a quarter choose lemonade (28%). Gin is indeed a favorite drink of the Scottish people, and almost 70% say that they enjoy tasting this spirit.

The study of Boë Gin also revealed that switching from tonic to other mixers is due to the fact that young people drink less Gin and Tonic. Two fifths (43 %) of the group aged from 18 to 24 years that did not like the Gin and Tonic thought that it was the gin that they hated before trying another mixer. But not only younger drinkers. The rise of flavored gin is also contributing to displace the Gin and Tonic. Lemonade is the drink preferred by more than half (52%) of the flavored gin drinkers.


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