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“Nightcap”, a book with more than 40 cocktail recipes to end your night

“Nightcap”, which literally means last drink, is the new book by the famous author Kara Newman. This collection offers you more than 40 cocktail recipes to end your night and by the way, help you sleep better. This sixth opus allows us to explore the sometimes difficult subject of the realization and especially the main utility of cocktails.

In more than 40 cocktail recipes, in a completely different way, we meet the most classic ones like Black Manhattan, which exchanges an aperitif for a classic vermouth; Open and Shut (equal parts of amaro and cognac), as well as those that will help you digest, or simply those that will accompany or substitute your desserts.

Writer Kara Newman, spirits editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine, also adds a personal touch to her book in Nightcap (Chronicle Books, 2018) by incorporating recipes from her own creation. A book that is colourful and instructive, which aims to accompany you no matter what kind of evening you have spent.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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