Nino, the italian bartender robot from Makr Shakr

Nino’s a bartender. But he’s not a bartender like any other. Nino is a robot that can create the cocktails that you order from his repertoire or that you choose and invent instantly with your favorite ingredients, and expiratory drink of your choice. In fact, he selects from the 170 bottles suspended in his bar.

Shakr Makr are the creators of this innovative idea, conceived by the Italian architect Carlo Ratti, owner of the company. The first time the bartender robot was presented was during Milan Design Week in 2013. Carlo Ratti, is also deeply involved in technological development at MIT, notably at the Senseable City Lab.

Consumers will have at their disposal an application that will allow them to communicate with the robot bartender, and thus be able to order cocktails or drinks they wish to taste in the bar, share their drink in a news feed. Nino can create around 10,100 cocktails and can serve them in seconds, according to Makr Shakr, he can accurately prepare and serve any drink with elegance in seconds.

Nino is the 3.0 version of the robot, there are other previous versions, Makr Shakr 1.0 and Makr Shakr 4.0 Mobile. The barman robot is present on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships and on the Las Vegas Strip.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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