distil plc turnover

This distillery’s turnover increased by 22% during the pandemic

Distil PLC confirmed an increase in turnover over the last nine months thanks to RedLeg rum and Blackwoods gin.

Fortunately many businesses were able to see an increase in sales driven by “weighted” marketing spend. In the case of Distil PLC, its revenue increased by 22% in the third quarter towards the end of December 2020. They found that their RedLeg Rum and Blackwood Gin brands sold better than Blavod Black Vodka.

During Distil PLC’s nine months of the financial year, cumulative sales revenue increased 70%, the company said. Domestic sales grew 60% and exports 200%.

Don Goulding, the company’s chairman, said in a statement that the change in consumer behavior and rituals influenced the results. He added that they are also “a consequence of the closing of markets and trade channels“.

As for the Blavod brand, it observed a 25% drop in sales due to its strong presence in Duty Free retail.

The global duty free market is poised for a 65-75% drop in sales for the entire year 2020, according to preliminary data from Generation Research revealed in DFNI’s annual 2020-21 database


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