Old Dominick Distillery wins Honor Award of Excellence at the Memphis Design Awards

Within the framework of the Memphis Design Awards, Old Dominick Distillery received the Honor Award of Excellence 2019.

A family business that began as a food wholesale business established in 1866 in Memphis, Tennessee. Today the grandchildren of its founder Domenico Canale, Chris and Alex Canale run the distillery that produces since 2016 the first Tennessee whiskey, legal since the ban.

The renovation and restoration project begun in 2013 was led by Looney Rick Kiss. The Memphis Design Awards panel of experts comprised in part of Richmond architect Danny MacNelly selected the Old Dominick Distillery for the most important design award, taking into account new construction, renovation, restoration, rehabilitation and interiors.

Commenting on Old Dominick Distillery, Nelly MacNeal said, “I found it very nice to lay layers of old and new material. A great richness and texture to which all the members of the jury responded. It felt clean, the way they opened up the space. You have a sense of the whisky-making process.

Other Honor of Excellence Award winners include Crosstown High School (interior design by ANF Architects) and the Bartlett Orthopedic Center (new construction).


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