Overseas French rum has the wind on its sails

French rum from overseas regions such as La Reunion enjoys strong growth and high value.

French rum is reported to have grown by +3.4%. The market is totals a turnover of 515 million euros. In particular, rum from Reunion is influencing the growth of the sector. More specifically, the categories old rum and settled rum show a transversal trend.

These categories of rum are on the rise with brands such as Charrette (Terroirs Distillers), Rivière du Mât and Isautier rather positive, yet very offensive to each other. Charrette is the third French brand in volume, while Isautier registers a growth of 30% per year.

In France, however, the market is dominated by Captain Morgan from Diageo, who disputed this first place with his French opponent Old Nick.

The Saint James and Dillon brands are developing new rums and strategies. Dillon recently launched an agricultural rum “Bourbon Barrell”. Saint James has proliferated rum stalls in supermarkets with a hostess and a bartender to educate on the different ranges of the brand.



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