Paris, get ready for the Ephemeral Bar “Maison St-Germain”

Paris is preparing to welcome from 5 to 6 October, the Maison St-Germain, an ephemeral bar open free to the public. It is planned a variety of activities among which tasting cocktail St Germain figure prominently.

Participants will also have the pleasure of taking part in Spritz trainings. The setting in which the event takes place has been arranged to create a decor in an Art Nouveau style that gives great place to elderflowers. Fashion designer Lola Burstein-Rykiel was responsible for decorating this ephemeral bar to make it a pleasant and warm space.

In addition, discovering the method of manufacture of the liqueur St Germain is proposed in a playful way through paintings. The liquor in question is a natural ingredient in a variety of cocktails, including St-Germain Spritz. The times of the event are as follows:

Friday, October 5, from 18h to midnight.

Saturday, October 6, from noon to midnight.

More information on Sortir À Paris

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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