Perrier unveils water bottles made with innovative technology

Perrier, the sparkling water brand belonging to Nestlé, unveiled the prototypes of its new water bottles made with a new recycling technology.

The Perrier water prototypes were produced as part of the global Carbios consortium to support the industrialization of an innovative technology that consists of infinitely recycling plastic without losing properties that are virtually equivalent to virgin plastics. Carbios’ technology uses enzymes from naturally occurring microorganisms to break down PET plastic into its constituent parts, which can then be converted back into new virgin plastic.

The development of this bottle is a first in the beverage world in France, as Nestlé’s research and development team created the first 50cl prototype bottle of Perrier made from recycled colored PET materials.

The prototypes were thoroughly tested for safety, quality and performance. In addition, they have been specially adapted to withstand the pressure of carbonated water, without leaving behind the iconic design and green color of the Perrier bottle.

Photo: New Perrier bottle – Nestlé Press Release

Although recycled PET bottles already exist on the market, this new technology, when developed on an industrial scale, will help increase the amount of PET plastic that can be recycled.

Jean-Francois Briois, Director of Packaging Materials Science and Environmental Sustainability for Nestlé Waters’ global R&D, says: “It is very exciting to see that the quality of prototype bottles made from 100% colored recycled PET materials is virtually identical to that of clear virgin PET.

Thanks to this collaboration with Carbios, we can meet the great challenge of combining quality, iconic design and sustainability. When we reach industrial scale, this enzymatic recycling technology will enable us to produce high-quality rPET bottles and help Nestlé on its journey to reduce the use of virgin plastics.”

Other beverage groups such as Suntory Beverage & Food Europe and PepsiCo participated in the consortium. The partnership with Carbios and the resulting innovations are part of Nestlé’s ongoing efforts to lead the shift from virgin to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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