Pisco, everything you need to know about it

There is a constant dispute over who created the pisco. The traditional Peruvian, or Chilean, drink has not found its nationality since the 19th century.

However, there are differences between the pisco of each country that define it more Chilean or more Peruvian.


Things you should know about Pisco

A few things to keep in mind.

What it is and differences:

  • What is it? Pisco is a brandy made from grapes.
  • Chilean Pisco: Chilean Pisco is aged in wooden barrels with water, sometimes used to reduce the alcohol content.
  • Peruvian Pisco: it is not diluted, and is aged in glass or steel containers for up to three months.

How to drink pisco

Pisco should be served dry. If you find it difficult to taste, since it is strong, you can add ice. There are piscos made to be tasted by sipping and piscos to be tasted in cocktails. Some piscos to taste in dry are Mosto Verde (Green Must) and Puro (Pure Must). While to prepare cocktails the Alcoholic style is better.

Cocktail based on Pisco

Peruvian bartender Pavel Vivanco shared with Spirits Hunters a recipe for a pisco cocktail. El Punch de mi Tierra’ is a cocktail based on mango and cachina, another typical Peruvian drink made with grape juice and pisco.

pisco cocktail


10 ml of pisco

30 ml aperol

10 ml or 45 ml mango pulp

A dash of lemon juice

Type of glass : cocktail glass

Garnish : edible flower


Mix the various ingredients starting with the cachina. Add garnish and serve.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Consume sparingly.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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