Rock Rose gin highlights recycling with refill bags

Recently winners of the Scottish Gin Awards, Rock Rose collaborates with the environment by premiering gin refill bags.

Recyclable refill bags

To counter environmental problems, Rock Rose Gin of Dunnet Bay Distillers creates these pouches. Thanks to it, consumers will be able to reuse their old bottle of gin by filling it with the gin on the pouch.

Consumers will be able to purchase these 700ml pouches of gin online. Once received, they will be able to decant the liquid into an old Rock Rose Gin bottle. The bag is then returned to the distillery for recycling. A way to motivate people to throw less trash, glass or plastic.

Plus, the system is easy. Everything has been thought out so that the consumer doesn’t have to do much. In fact, the pouches already have the shipping address inscribed on the back. No stamps or envelopes needed.

According to Dunnet Bay Distillers, recyclable refill pouches will help reduce the energy spent shipping your Rock Rose gin to customers, since the bags weigh 65g instead of 700g for your ceramic bottles.


For a biodegradable future

Dunnet Bay Distillers developed this system with PA Consulting after 12 months of research and development. The distillery aims to have fully biodegradable bags by 2025.

The pouches will soon be available on the distillery’s website.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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