New York. Romanian spirits group Alexandrion Group sets up distillery in the USA

The Romanian spirits group Alexandrion Group is preparing to open its first distillery in New York City, Us News reported through The Associated Press.

The distillery project will provide employment for 102 people, and is expected to employ up to 400 people. It will be located 80 kilometers north of New York City and the facility will have a total area of 120000 square-foot. Construction of the distillery will begin in the next few months and production will begin in a year. The distillery will produce spirits such as bourbon, gin, brandy (cognac) and of course vodka.

The expansion of the Alexandrion Group in the United States is a major step forward for the distillery, which has been internationally established since 2017: …we started in 2017 with the global operations office in Cyprus, we continued with operations in Brazil and, this year, we want to start the preparations to expand our business in the U.S.A. Alexandrion Group started as a family business but our goal is to extend our activity in the entire world.


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