Snowdonia Gin and Quintessential Brands together to quench the English thirst!

Two university friends, Iain Boyd and Mike Trevena, were walking through the Snowdonia mountains when they had the idea of creating a gin with only Snowdonia’s woody sources such as bark from Welsh oak and Denbigh plum.

Both of them, with marketing and business backgrounds, began the gin project 3 years ago. Now, the Snowdonia Gin is the tangible object representing that talk they once had, with already sixty million bottles of gin sold in the UK. Meaning they are ready to double production!

The new Snowdonia Gin uses water from Gwynedd mountains, slopes and valleys and it is distillated and bottled over the border in Warrington, Cheshire. This decision was made to ensure demand needs and preserve the quality of their distillation process.

The new British gin is promoting both areas and boosting up business by working with local retailers, one of the brand’s goals in the first place.

Our goal, as a new small business, is to forge partnerships with other local businesses, especially in retail, tourism and leisure, helping to improve sustainability within the local economy.” Said Iain.

The Celtic looking bottle currently represents £1.6 billion in the UK, with 300 distilleries.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.




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