Scotch Whisky Vs. Whiskey: Who won 2018?

Domestic consumption of American whiskey represents more than $3.4 billion in revenue for distillers, while the export market generates more than $667 million. Scotch whisky exports, on the other hand, have recently reached an all-time high, with export sales reaching more than $5.5 billion in 2017.

Once again, demonstrating their love of whisky, the United States remains the largest market for Scotch whisky imports by value, representing more than 1.1 billion Scotch whisky sales. Please note that scotch also dominates the Asian market: in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

However, it is strongly constrained by the strict rules set out by the Scotch Whisky Association. While these rules help to preserve the image and quality of Scotch as well as possible, they can sometimes hinder creativity and experimentation. The American whisky market is, in a way, more recent and considered more modern.

Scotch wins the trophy for the highest number of exports, while American whiskey opens the door to new distilleries, new products and domestic consumption. In any case, their future is promising !


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