Slovakia’s beer market grows more in value than in volume

According to an interview with the general manager of Heineken Slovensko, Slovak consumers prefer to pay more for better beer

Via The Slovak Spectator.


Rene Kruijt knows the Latin American, South American and of course Central European markets very well. Having practiced his profession for 14 years, shared between South America and South Africa, today since January, he positions the Slovak beer market according to his needs.

The Slovak premium beer market is growing at an increasingly high pace. This is due to a demand for better products. Therefore, this market is forced to grow in value rather than volume. Slovakian consumers find it essential to have variety in taste and types of beer.

Relying on his professional experience, Kruijt believes that the current state of the beer market is quite exciting for Heineken. “There were only rows of boxes with mostly 10 or 12 degree beers and some dark beer. That was it. Kruijt says unlike 14 years ago. Today the scope is different, passing through alcohol-free beers, with new tastes, more or less strong, ale, red, stout …


Paying more for better drinks

And not only in Slovakia. In fact, in countries like the United States, consumers are willing to pay more for quality. Better drinks also mean those that have less impact on the environment. This information, provided by Indiana University, confirms that even the most commercial beer consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable beers.

For its part, the United Kingdom demonstrated through a study that four out of five consumers would be willing to pay 20% more. More precisely, for a quality beer in bars, which has been well stored and watched over by the bar brewers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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