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Alcohol sales up 27.5% in Spain despite the pandemic

La Vanguardia reports that despite the pandemic, alcohol sales made their way in the supermarkets this 2020.

Between flours and sugar for pastries or chocolates… The Spanish as well as in other countries occupied their time in the kitchen during the pandemic. But another product experienced unprecedented success in the supermarkets. It is the case of spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum or gin, experienced greater growth in household purchases this year. Such are the results of the latest report on food from the Ministry of Agriculture. This growth figure corresponds to 27.5%. Although its relative weight in relation to total consumption remains low, it is the product that has grown the most.

After spirits we find beer, whose domestic consumption increased by 23.8%. Other alcoholic drinks such as wine are on the list with an increase in purchase of 15.3%. In view of the closure of bars, cafes, restaurants and other leisure places, consumers recreated the activities of these places at home.

According to statistics, Spain has been the country where alcohol consumption during confinement has grown the most. This is demonstrated by a study from the consulting firm IRI. The study compares sales figures of alcohol, salty snacks, sweets and chocolates in seven European countries. Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom were analyzed. Other sales around alcohol increased, such as salty snacks with a 28% increase. This type of food is often accompanied by alcoholic beverages.


Similar cases in the rest of the world

In Mexico City, there was also considerable growth in the alcoholic beverage sector. For example, in Mexico City, alcohol consumption increased by at least 35.8% of the city’s population. This data was revealed through a survey conducted from May 1 to July, according to the Institute for Attention and Prevention of Addictions (IAPA).


However, another facet of alcohol sales is that they have been stagnant. The closure of bars and restaurants caused the spirits, beer or wine sector to suffer because the hotel and catering industry was their main sales channel, with a much higher profit margin.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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