Sake and Beer Makers Create New Spirit by Distilling Beer

A Japanese brewery and a sake producer collaborate to launch a new spirit during the pandemic. Read more here.

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Both Nagano producers have worked together to develop new spirits with beer that was about to be discarded. In fact, since the pandemic, beer consumption has decreased.


The producers

Yo-Ho Brewing Co., based in the city of Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture, developed the product with Totsuka Shuzo, a sake producer based in the prefectural city of Saku, whose foundation dates back to 1653.

Due to the pandemic several catering places to which Yo-ho Brewing delivers beer had to close down. As a result, Yo-ho Brewing remained in possession of approximately 12,000 liters of beer that was about to be discarded and about to expire.

Do we have to discard the beer we brew with love? Is there no way to make it a pleasant drink?” reflected the staff of the craft beer giant. That’s when Totsuka Shuzo, known for his high-tech distillation and unique products like tomato shochu, caught their attention.

The two producers, Yo-ho and Totsuko, then agreed to cooperate and produce this new spirit by distilling beer. The project was successful in producing two types of the craft spirit.

From the aged beer they produced craft spirits that exude fruity aromas derived from hops and a mild malt taste. Both products were named “Mirai Zukuri 2020” (Building a Future 2020). In the hope that “people will talk to those around them as they enjoy the liquor and spend their time together to pave the way for a bright future,” according to the companies.

Mirai Zukuri 2020 spirits are available on the market today at Totsuka Shuzo and other locations. A donation of 100 yen per bottle from sales proceeds will be made to the non-profit organization Foodbank Shinsu. The organization is based in the capital of Nagano Prefecture.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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