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How creating hand sanitizer reconstructed this vodka distillery

Forbidden Spirits Distilling was ironically revived by the pandemic after joining the wave of hand sanitizer gel makers. Read more here.

When the pandemic began, this distillery had to lay off its staff, except for its distiller. What its employees didn’t know was what would happen a week later. Forbidden Spirits rehired its entire team and even hired more staff.

The distillery was well prepared to join the massive worldwide operation that took place with the distilleries starting to create antibacterial gel. In turn, they prepared to export to Asia and Europe.

The gel is a by-product of distillation, so we started giving it to people in the community to get started, and now we are selling it to businesses,” said Blair Wilson, owner with his wife Kelly Wilson.

Spirits Distilling created a hand and surface disinfectant that kills 99.5% of germs. By the way, the name Forbidden Spirits comes from the apple that is the forbidden fruit for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


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