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Check out the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition©

The Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© is an international cocktail tutorial competition involving gin brands from all over the world.

The Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© presents a unique judging format, unaffected by industry bias through voting on Instagram and with a finale taking place at a renowned bar in Paris.

If you’re a gin brand, join the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© here: Each bartender will be compensated with €150!


Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© Ask your favorite bartender to make a Step-by-step Bartender Gin Cocktail Tuto using your brand

✔It must be didactic and clear as a tutorial
✔Include the recipe with captions
✔Must not exceed 60 seconds

Judges will concentrate on the cocktail, the ingredients, and how it is made.

✔The five best cocktail tutorials will be chosen by experts.
✔The Final: a renowned bartender will recreate the cocktails at a bar in Paris.
✔The winning bartender earns a cash prize.

How to enter the competition:

-Contact your favorite bartender,
-Submit a gin cocktail tutorial made with your brand.

Admission Fee: Each brand will pay Spirit Hunters €750 for the admission fee and benefit from all our marketing offers. Each bartender will get €150 for sending a video!

If you’re a brand you can subscribe here.


Main Rules

Contest period

The Worldwide Gin Competition© will take place online via Instagram for a duration of one month, and the videos will be shown for one month.


Conditions of participation

– Participation in the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© implies being:

– A gin brand and professional bartender,

– 21 years of age or older,


Principles of content creation Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition©

Videos can be funny, friendly, and creative, but most importantly they should be smart and respectful and comply with the rules defined below.

Create a video tutorial not longer than 1:00 minute showing the preparation of a gin-based cocktail.

The video must:

◾Be in square format (1:1).

◾Include the recipe in the video. Be didactic!

◾The cocktail must imperatively be prepared with the gin brand of the contestant’s brand as the main spirit.

◾The cocktail recipe must have an original name

*The Organizer reserves the right to reject any video if it is deemed inappropriate, not in accordance with the policy regulations on alcohol and the image of the Organizing Company. No prior agreement will be required.


*It is forbidden:

– To use ingredients/tools containing tobacco, any type of drug, or psychotropic ingredients in the creation of your digital content;

– To use people under the legal drinking age and to represent illegal, irresponsible, or immoderate consumption;

– Include any person who is using;

– To associate in any way whatsoever with the videos and photos:

*with acts of bravado, dangerous or antisocial;

*sex or sexual performance;


– References to stronger mental or physical abilities;

– Showing and/or quoting brands of any product.


Selection of the Top 5 of the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition©

The best 5 cocktail tutorials will be selected through a closed vote on Instagram by industry professionals.


Selection of the winner of the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition©

The winner of the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© will be selected by a group of select judges from the industry at a renowned bar in Paris where the cocktails will be recreated by a professional bartender.


Authorization to transfer rights

Participation in the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition© implies the assignment of intellectual property rights to Spirits Hunters.

In this respect, each participant assigns to Spirits Hunters, free of charge and on an exclusive basis:

– All rights of reproduction and representation of the identification elements of the videos and creations presented within the framework of the competition, including names, compositions, visual and textual content (hereinafter “the Contents”);

– These rights concern the right to fix, digitize, reproduce, copy, record, edit, represent, and broadcast the Contents, in whole or in part, in all formats, without limitation of number, by all means, and on all digital media allowing them to be communicated to the public, in particular via the Organizer’s social networks and communication media.

The Assignment is granted for any use and distribution of the Contents related to the institutional activity of creating cocktails, excluding any advertising and commercial activity. The Assignment is granted for the entire world, and for the entire legal term of copyright protection, in accordance with French and foreign legislation and international conventions, both current and future, including any extensions that may be made to this term.

Spirits Hunters undertakes to respect the moral rights of the authors of the Contents, in particular by affixing the following copyright notice: ” © Spirits Hunters/ Name of the author “. Any use of the Contents must systematically be accompanied by this mention.



Each participant guarantees the Organizer:

– That the Contents are entirely original and that they do not constitute a counterfeit of a pre-existing creation;

– That he or she has not introduced into his or her work any reminiscence or resemblance that could violate the rights of a third party.

Each participant also guarantees the Organizer:

– Against any action, claim, demand, eviction whatsoever, on the part of any person invoking an intellectual property right that the Contents would have infringed.

Consequently, each participant undertakes to make his personal case of any claim and/or procedure formulated against the Organizer which would be directly or indirectly related to these Contents, as well as to take charge of the expenses of any nature to ensure his defense, including the lawyer’s fees.


Personal data

Your personal data (surname, first name, age, e-mail address, country, city, Instagram account username) are processed by the Company Spirits Hunters, which technically manages the competition, acting as recipient and data controller.

The personal data collected is mandatory. If you do not provide the required data, you will not be able to participate in the Spirits Hunters Worldwide Gin Competition©.

This data is exclusively intended for the Organizer for the sole purpose of taking into account your participation in the Competition, managing the winners, and awarding the prizes.

The data collected will be kept until the winner has been designated and then destroyed.

Spirits Hunters is bound by professional secrecy with regard to this data and undertakes to ensure that none of the personal information you have provided will be transferred or transmitted in any way whatsoever to third parties.

In accordance with the European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, any participant has a right of access and rectification to the information concerning him/her, as well as a right of opposition, the right to limit the processing and the right to erase it within the framework permitted by the European Regulation.

To exercise these rights, you can send your request to the following address: Spirits Hunters, 13 Avenue de Clichy, 75017, Paris.



Participation in the Worldwide Gin Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet.

The Organizer declines any direct or indirect responsibility in case of misuse or incident during the contest, including (but not limited to) technical problems: network unavailability, malicious intervention, software or hardware malfunctions…

It is therefore the responsibility of each participant to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data and/or software stored on his or her computer equipment against any attack.


Don’t Drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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