Stanislav Nishanov – winner “Best cocktail tuto” INSTA CONTEST week 1

We congratulate Stanislav Nishanov @holy_mint_bar from Volgodonsk, Russia for his victory in the Category #2 “Best Coctail Tuto” week 1 of the Spirits Hunters Insta Bartender Contest.

In his Instagram profile Stanislav shares various instructional cocktail tutorials, organizes beautiful cocktail shows for parties in his city and promotes the bartender profession for the local population. His smile greets everyone in each photo or video that he is posting.

For the contest, Stanislav sent us an original video, professionally filmed and edited, to the sound of a matching music which provokes… fear! The name of the cocktail is definitely living up to the video.

FEAR Cocktail recipe

Tanqueray Dry Gin 45ml

Campari 25ml

Plum cordial 30ml

Method: stir

Glass: Nick & Nora

Garnish: plum slice


The purple plum based beauty Stanislav created, gets even more into the upcoming Halloween spirit. Especially considering this year there won’t be parties dedicated to this autumn holiday in many places around the world due to Covid-19. With his cocktail one can easily create a party mood at home!


About Stanislav Nishanov

According to his own words, Stanislav became a bartender absolutely by accident. He wanted to earn some money, but in the end he fell in love with this business. He admits that by working in a bar he became much more sociable, disciplined and able to devote time to creativity. He really enjoys working at Holy Mint Bar. The team and guests are a source of emotions to him.

Stanislav is also into the competition spirit that’s why he could not miss the #SpiritsHuntersBestCocktailTuto contest! 

Even though these are difficult times because of the pandemic there are many ideas ahead, I plan to achieve them! I wish everyone to cheer up and stay positive!” – says Stanislav with a cheerful mood.

Visit his profile to get back in the positive mood – @holy_mint_bar


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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