Tasting is an art, there is no need for excesses

Learn to taste. Drinking less is more. In Spirits Hunters we promote not to drink while driving, and to taste better.


Ten Ways To Love Your Cocktail

1. Know what’s in your drink: Ingredients, spirits, bitters, softs, garnishes.

2. Smell your drink. Find the aromas.

3. Look at your drink. Appreciate the color and setting.

4. Learn its story. Where does it come from? Who invented it? Why the name?

5. Understand the selection of the glass.

6. Take your time and savor the first sip.

7. Sip! Don’t drink it too fast. Appreciate.

8. Taste the first flavors that burst into mouth. Then the following until finish.

9. Find some good food to pair.

10. Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy Responsibly