The Best Martini of 2018 in the US

The best Martini of 2018 already has a favorite, and its maker is the Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery, announced Boise Weekly.

The winning recipe contains: gin distilled from Bardenay and white lillet. It can be garnished with olives stuffed with blue cheese, Basque olives or the classic tomolives. In second place were Chandler’s and in third place were Red Father Lounge.

For his part, bartender Major Ludwig from the Idaho RICE bar-restaurant surprised Martini tasters with his Martini cocktail recipe in 2013, winning the Best Cocktail Award. On the other hand, this year it was chosen as the best bartender of 2018.

To taste the best Martini cocktail of the year, whose technique is also the same as James Bond’s favourite martini (shaken, not stirred), the appointment is in..:

610 W. Grove St. Boise Downtown and Fringe
phone 208-426-0538


Don’t drink and drive.

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